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XperiFirm is a software tool used to download firmware files for Sony Xperia smartphones, tablets and accessories running Android (except really old ones). It allows users to download the latest firmware for their device directly from Sony servers, making it easier to update their phone's software to the latest version. XperiFirm is often used by advanced users and developers to manually update their Sony Xperia device or to create custom firmware. It supports Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.

XperiFirm - Xperia Firmware Downloader.


v5.6.5 [December 21, 2021]:
FIX: Fixed connection error when trying to request a customizations list from Sony's server due to API change.
MINOR: Model tags (like "dual" and "Wi-Fi") will no longer be included in the full device name, as it's no longer used in official device naming.
MINOR: The "Wi-Fi" tag is now colored dark-red ("dual" tag is still colored blue). Implementation has been added for additional tags that may appear in the future, with different colors, without having to update the application.
* Due to this API change on Sony's side, XperiFirm 5.6.2 is no longer able to fetch firmware from Sony and is not supported.
v5.6.2 [September 29, 2021]:
FIX: Fixed inability to download new firmware (i.e. 61.0.A.14.3 for Xperia 1 III) due to missing MD5 checksum information for the firmware files.
* Since the MD5 checksum is missing for these new firmware, integrity verification for them is impossible. However, if any of the files happens to be corrupted, unpacking will most likely fail. This should not be a problem if you're downloading firmware using XperiFirm directly (not manually).
v5.6.1 [April 5, 2021]:
- Sony's server has discontinued support for obsolete security protocols (SSL, TLS 1.0/1.1) and requires TLS 1.2+ support. However, .NET Framework 4.0 only supports SSL and TLS 1.0, thus XperiFirm is now targeting .NET Framework 4.6, which means Windows XP and Vista (incl. SP1) can no longer be supported, and a minimum of Windows Vista SP2 is now required, and .NET Framework 4.6 (or newer) must be installed.
* Due to this change, XperiFirm 5.6.0 may no longer be able to fetch firmware from Sony and is not supported.
v5.6.0 [March 20, 2021]:
- Downloading OTA updates was useless as there is no way to manually flash or extract them, thus the feature was removed.
* Due to domain migration, older versions of XperiFirm are no longer usable or supported.
* Due to removal of OTA updates listing, the "Check All" button is no longer needed and was removed.


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