PUBG Mobile 2.0 APK

  • File Name PUBG Mobile 2.0 APK
  • Version 2.0
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  • Create Date May 14, 2022
  • Last Updated May 14, 2022

The latest PUBG Mobile 2.0 APK (global version) is now available to download for Android devices. The global version was just deployed by Tencent, and should be rolling out now to everyone. PUBG Mobile 2.0 APK update is now available for download from the link we have for you right here. However, before you get to downloading, make sure that you have about 715 MB - 1 GB of free space left.

You will also need to download the latest PUBG Mobile 2.0 OBB data files with this APK.

New Features:

Here is a list of all the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update features that you can expect to find:

  • New Map: Official Livik is getting an update! Play more, win more in the new Livik!
  • New Weapons: Get Livik-exclusive XT Upgrade Crates to improve your weapons' performance!
  • New Vehicle: The UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) can move quickly and freely through all kinds of terrain.
  • Classic Map Improvements: Launched a new Haptics System to provide a more immersive experience. Added the Emergency Pickup to help you move to the Playzone quickly in critical moments!
  • Log-in Rewards: If you update the game between March 11–17 (UTC+0), you will get 3000 BP, 100 AG, and a Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet (3d).


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