Odin v3.14.4

  • File Name Odin v3.14.4
  • Version v3.14.4
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  • Create Date February 8, 2023
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Odin is a Windows-based firmware flashing software used to install custom firmware ("ROMs") on Samsung Galaxy devices, among other things. It is used by advanced users and developers to manually flash firmware, kernels, recoveries, modem files, etc. onto Samsung devices. It's important to use Odin carefully as improper use can cause permanent damage to the device.


  1. Flashing firmware: Odin can flash stock firmware, custom ROMs, and custom recoveries onto Samsung devices.
  2. Flashing individual components: Odin allows users to flash individual components, such as the kernel, modem, and recovery, rather than flashing a complete firmware file.
  3. Compatibility: Odin is compatible with Windows operating system and works with all Samsung Galaxy devices.
  4. Easy to use: Odin has a simple user interface and is straightforward to use, making it accessible to even novice users.
  5. Support for multiple file formats: Odin supports multiple file formats, including .tar, .tar.md5, and .tar.gz.
  6. In-depth error reporting: Odin provides detailed error messages to help diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  7. Unbricking: Odin can be used to unbrick Samsung devices that are stuck in a boot loop or have other software-related issues.

You can read more about Odin on Team Android.


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