Magisk 26.2

  • File Name Magisk 26.2
  • Version 26.2
  • Download 26
  • File Size 11.9 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date September 4, 2023
  • Last Updated September 4, 2023

Magisk is an open-source tool for Android that allows users to gain root access on their devices. It was created as a more flexible alternative to traditional root management tools, and provides a way for users to modify the software on their devices in ways that are not possible with a standard Android setup.

With Magisk, users can install custom mods and tweak their devices in ways that were previously only possible with a custom ROM. Magisk is designed to work with the Android security model, and it provides a way for users to bypass restrictions and gain access to low-level system functions without tripping the device's SafetyNet check, which is used by some apps to detect rooted devices.

In addition to rooting, Magisk also provides a modular system that allows users to install and manage custom modules, which can add new features and functionality to their devices. These modules can be found in the Magisk repository, and they can be easily installed and managed using the Magisk Manager app.

You can read more about Magisk on Team Android.


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