Google USB Driver (Windows)

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The Google USB Driver is a package of software drivers that allow the Android operating system to communicate with an Android-powered device via a USB connection. The driver is specifically designed to support the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), which is a command-line tool that enables developers to interact with Android devices and perform various tasks, such as debugging, installing applications, and transferring data.

Tutorial: How to Install Google USB Drivers in Windows


The Google USB Driver provides the following features:

  1. Compatibility: The driver is designed to work with Android devices, providing a reliable and seamless connection between your computer and your device.
  2. Debugging Support: The driver provides support for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), allowing developers to debug their applications and identify issues.
  3. File Transfer: The driver enables you to transfer files between your computer and your Android device, allowing you to move data to and from your device.
  4. Application Installation: The driver supports the installation of Android applications on your device, making it easy for developers to test their applications.
  5. Device Recognition: The driver allows your computer to recognize your Android device, enabling you to interact with it and perform various tasks.
  6. Command-Line Support: The driver provides support for the ADB command-line tool, enabling developers to run commands on their device and access the file system.
  7. Cross-Platform Support: The driver is available for both Windows and Mac computers, providing compatibility for a wide range of users.
  8. Easy to Use: The driver is designed to be simple and easy to use, providing a straightforward interface for managing your device and its data.

You can find out more information on Team Android about how to install these Google USB Drivers.


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